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Our available options are as follows:
4K – True Cinema DCI 4K – Resolution 4096 x 2160
4K – Ultra High Definition – Resolution 3840 x 2160
HD – High Definition – Resolution 1920 x 1080

Available Frame Rates - FPS = Frames Per Second:
24 FPS
30 FPS
60 FPS

Available Codecs:
XAVC-I (Intra-Frame) - 4K True Cinema DCI 4K / UHD / HD
XAVC-L (Long Gop) - UHD / HD

Container / Wrapper:

Business Exclusive Content Request:
Your images will be shot in your choice of either High Resolution RAW, JPEG or Both formats. By default, still images are not edited.
*Still image editing is available but will be additional in cost.
*Samples of content may be used for promotional purposes.

Personal Content Request:
Your still images are shot in High Quality JPEG format. You will receive up to 30 High Resolution still images by request only. If still images are not requested, you will receive video only.
*Minimal edits will be conducted on these images including watermarking.

Professional Video Editing of your content is provided. Your video content is edited on a computer to prevent quality loss. During the video editing process we perform clean editing such as cleaning up the audio, adding titles, balance color, add transitions, watermarks etc.

*Motion or Special Effects are additional in cost due to the time involved in the creating of these elements.

Business Exclusive Content Request:
By Default, Business Exclusive content IS NOT edited. You will receive your content as RAW Unedited Video Footage.

*The editing of Business Exclusive Content is available at an additional cost.
*Samples of content may be used for promotional purposes.

Personal Content Request:
All Personal video Content is edited and watermarked.

Business Exclusive Content Request:
By Default, Business Exclusive Content is not edited. You will receive your content in its RAW form and is usually between 30-45 minutes in length from start to finish.

Personal Content Request:
After Post Production (Video Editing) the overall running time of your completed video on average may be between 15-30 minutes. The final running time of course will depend on the amount of content actually recorded and removed during post production.

NOTE: If you wish a lengthier running time, additional costs may be incurred due to the additional time required to fulfill the request.

Below is a list of content we are comfortable with creating:

All Straight Content (i.e. Boy/Girl)
Bi-Sexual Females / Lesbian
Solo Female
Solo Straight Male
Light Fetish

Below is a list of content we ARE NOT comfortable with creating or is illegal.
We will deny any and all requests for the following:

Content involving children or individuals under the age of 18 (i.e. Child Pornography)
Gay (Male/Male)
Transgender-TS (Trans-Male / Trans-Female)
Bestiality (Sexual acts involving animals)
Content that depicts Violence or Injury
Any content we deem obscene or risky to produce

In general, due to the nature of adult content, most adult related productions are shot indoors. Outdoor shooting is possible but can be challenging along with the level of risk involved. If your content requires sexual activity to be performed outdoors, such as poolside or in a parking lot, an additional charge may apply. If your content requires a standard pick up, such as meeting in a public place, but the sex is conducted indoors, this level of outdoors shooting is safe with little to no risk.

Business Exclusive Content Request:
You will receive all model documentation as required by Title 18 U.S.C. Section 2257. The original documents will be mailed through Express Mail with Signature required. Copies of these files will also be available for download from our server upon request. We will keep a copy of these documents on file as a backup for a maximum of 60 days.

* does not grant permission for any Business Client to use as the Officer of Records required by Title 18 U.S.C. Section 2257.

Personal Content Request:
All Model Documentation will remain on file with as required by Federal and State Law. You will not receive these documents.

The following content delivery options are available:

FTP/Server Upload (Exclusive Business Requests Only - You must provide credentials)
USB Flash Drive (Delivered by mail, physical address is required)
DVD / BluRay DVD (Delivered by mail, physical address is required)
Web Download (Personal Requests Only)

*Exclusive Business Requests - Due to the enormous file sizes of RAW Video and Still Images, Web Download is not available.

We suggest FTP/Server Upload in which you are to provide us with login credentials to upload your content.

Your request shall be available for delivery within 14-30 days after payment has been received.
If we are not backed up with prior requests, you may receive your content sooner.

Our goal is to ensure you receive your request no later than 30 days after payment has been received.

Your Patience is appreciated.

Our production cost varies per production as each production is unique in it's own way as some productions require a lot more attention than others. Production costs is added to all requests and is based on how much work is involved in the creation of your content. This fee compensates the Director, Cameraman, Photographer and/or other crew members that may be in charge of creating your content. We shall inform you of any and all costs during the final stage of acceptance for your request.

Model Compensation:
The cost for a model to accept your request will depend on her level of experience, availability, representation and of course your available budget. Model compensation is not part of our production cost, but is tied in with the overall/final cost. As a rule of thumb, In general, you should always expect to compensate each model a minimum of $1000.00 for your request.

*NOTE: A minimum budget of $1500.00 is required to use our service.

We currently accept the following forms of payment:
Cashier's Check
Money Orders
Bank Wire Transfer
Zelle Pay
Apple Pay

*In an effort to prevent charge backs, fraud, and unauthorized transactions, we do not accept Personal Checks, Company Checks, Credit or Debit Cards of any kind. We also do not accept PayPal or any similar services.

Technical difficulties arise from time to time which may result in a cancellation or rescheduling of your video request.
EXAMPLE: Model may fall ill, or quit the business entirely.

In the event your request is canceled or rescheduled for any reason, you have the following options:
You may select another model.
Accept rescheduling.

What if I decide I want to option for another model?
You can always select another model if you so desire, however if you option for another model after a model has already accepted the assignment, there will be a Cancellation Fee. This fee will vary depending on the model as well as other variables such as model representation or if the model paid for testing specifically for your assignment. You will be informed of the fee amount and the amount must be paid in full prior to the assignment being offered to your newly chosen model. This Fee can range anywhere from $200.00 to $1000.00. This fee is paid directly to the model.

NOTE: Understand that when you change a model at the last minute, that does not reflect positively on us. The Cancellation Fee charged is how we make the change right and fair in the eyes of the model.

What is your Refund Policy?
We have a One (1) condition REFUND POLICY.

Our team works hard in processing and arranging for the production of your video request. Once you have submitted payment, you have entered into a binding contract with

We reserve the right to deny your request at any time. If we deny your request after receiving payment, we will issue a FULL REFUND.

We will not issue a REFUND If you wish to withdraw your request after submitting payment. We ask that you proceed with your request fully understanding our process and terms.